Graphics Arts Diversions
The computer offers a wide and diverse set of capabilities for the generation of graphics art. Since I got my first "personal" computer, I have been exploring varios approaches to generate sets of related graphics. In this section of my site, I will present some applications that may be of general interest to people interested in generating patterns or developing their own applications.

The applications presented herein consist of stand-along .ese programs developed under Borland's Delphi 7 development environment for computers utilizing Microsoft's Windows operating system. The programs use the old Microsoft API to link to the operating system and should work on machines running under XP, Vista, WIndows 7, and Windows 8. Windows 10 compatibility is up in the air until I decide to update my machine.

Anyone interested in the source code should contact me directly.
Underlying Model
Underlying Idea    Underlying many of the apps I have developed of this type is the idea of oversampling iso-height, topological-type data. This is explained via this link. Knowing the underlying mathematics isn't essential, but some might find it interesting inits own right.
tiler example
Tiler   The first of my graphics arts programs, and hence the one with the most options and parameters. While it is easy to use if you stick with the default values, a lot of variation is possible when you get into it.
Spiral Art
Spiral Art   A simple app to draw spirals using colored dots. Some twists can give rise to ghost images.